Fighting noise is a priority for eveyone, in both our private and business life. This “fight” is also at the core of Interior’s philosophy. From the start, we have been inventing partioning solutions that improve sound insulation and contribute to a more peaceful business life.

When our solutions equal good insulation.
Interior partition walls are not only beautiful and operational. With their insulation features, they also are an efficient barrier against noise in workspaces. Find out the acoustic performances for each of them in the below table.

When our solutions equal good insulation.
Our specific solutions are somehow similar to a blotting paper absorbing excess ink through capillary action: they have been designed to absorb noises, and therefore add extra acoustic comfort in pre-insulated workspaces. With this objective in mind, we have developped absorbing solutions for our partition walls, whether integrated or not:

  • Wall mounted absorbing panels: they control sound reverbaration and can be of hanging, wall panels or totem style.
  • Integrated absorbing panels: thanks to an innovative process, it is possible to integrate relatively thick absorbing panels, while respecting the bareness of the outside.
  • Absorbing stretched fabric: this specific fabric can cover large length of partition walls with no visible joints. This solution absorbs sounds while preserving the lateral insulation.
  • Absorbing objects: a specific absorption for a specific space. We sell a wide range of acoustic objects that can be displayed in each type of space.


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