We would like to assert Interior’s values, which are the foundations of our cohesion and identity, with regards to commitment to the environment, sustainability or ethical requirements. Thus, management and staff share the same willingness to contribute to a more open world and to more solidarity, which would benefit to staff well-being, environmental protection and company health. We shall all become actors of this philosophy. We are advocating equality for all in terms of salary and career, as well as optimal working conditions and a rock solid team spirit. Fair business practice is the road we want to follow to reach success, and we aim to make the right choices for healthy competition, while designing and selling products we should be proud of. We aim to maintain respectful and professional relationships with our suppliers and customers in order to preserve trust and health, and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Our work environment

INTERIOR is exceptionnally well located in the center of Pantin, by the Ourq Canal. Located within a few hundred yards of the Peripherique ring-road and the Villette basin, our headquarters can be easily accessed by staff and visitors (by car or public transportation: RER, underground, Velib or bus). Built and designed with responsiveness and comfort in mind, it is constantly refurbished with new innovative concepts, new acoustic solutions and new esthetic and technical products.   Our work environment is open to everyone and is worth seeing! Come and visit us!

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