Today, we are very proud to present PURE ROOM®, our air purification system that is fully integrated into our technical and acoustic module. Designed for Oxygen® bubbles, Origin®,Zen® and Ghost® partitions or any workspace thanks to its unique version on wheels, PURE ROOM® will blend discreetly into your surroundings while significantly improving air quality.

Poor air quality has a negative impact on our health.

The quality of indoor air is crucial for maintaining good health. Living in a healthy environment – in ambient air cleaned of outdoor air pollution, fine particles, volatile organic compounds, risks of allergies, bacteria and certain viruses – is our shared goal. Health organisations are alerting us to the worsening of indoor air quality, and to the fact that the inside of our homes and offices, where we spend 80% of our time, is even more polluted than outside. They are warning us about the consequences of pollutants on our health and that of our loved ones. In the current circumstances, offering the opportunity to work in the healthiest possible environment was a must for us!