Partition wall width



37 to 50 DB RW+C

Possible claddings

Vinyl, melamine, laminated, wood, leather, metal, glass

Possible use


The fundamental principle of Clam 2.0 is to optimize and develop office spaces. It provides a high level of performance thanks to its innovative shadow gap and high rigidity. The objective of this solution, which includes partition walls and furniture, is to organize and adapt the office space according to your needs, e.g. hanging tables, shelves, offices or cabinets, supplying high/low voltage, lighting, etc. Whatever the chosen location on the partition wall! Thanks to its smart shadow gap, CLAM 2.0 combines partition wall and furniture, and enables workstations to be moved and transformed in just a few hours, without damaging the environment and with limited inconvenience for the users. All this at low cost. With these assets, CLAM 2.0 is an outstanding partition wall.

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