Environmental commitment


Over 2,000 INTERIOR trees will be planted in 2017 and this is just a start! We are very happy to now be part of the REFOREST program. As citizens, we feel responsible for the environment and this reforestation initiative is an opportunity to give nature back some of what was given to us! This environmental gesture aims to save and develop the wood industry, which could create up to 450,000 jobs, in addition to being our raw material. To act was just a normal step since we share the same values.


Delicious honey made in Pantin...
Caring for the environment is, or should be, a major concern in modern businesses. We have long been aware of the environmental issues yet to come and decided to act, at our own level, by trying to save bees - an endangered biodiversity symbol. INTERIOR is proud of the 120,000 worker bees settled on its roof and producing their own honey, right in the city center! The environment is vital for everyone’s well-being.


Our products can be recycled.
Made out of noble materials such as aluminium, wood and glass, our products can be reused almost indefinitely. We are constantly looking for ecological or eco-designed components. We choose certified products whenever possible. As an example, our composite panels are made out of wood from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsment of Forest Certification Schemes) forests. Innovative suppliers are encouraged to contact us on this topic.

Electrical and hybrid vehicles

Electrical and hybrid vehicles
This may just be a drop in the ocean, it is however a chance for the future of our planet: we promote electrical and hybrid vehicles by personnaly and happily using some ourselves.

Copy machines and printers

Interior has been using solid ink laser printers since 2005. The amount of printing waste is reduced by 90% compared to conventional color laser printers. The non-cartridge design and minimal packaging contribute to less manufacturing and reduced storage space, as well as to a more efficient transportation.


Positive impact...
The “HQE approach” is defined by targets (detailed in the Qualité environnementale du bâtiment toolkit).
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